I want to remember how bold and brave you have always been.

How you bounced and skittered to every adventure with the confidence that you could do anything.

How your energy and excitement always left others marveling at its endlessness.

How you tried anything- activity, food, friendship- and approached it with the knowledge that the worst that could happen is that you didn’t enjoy it.

No fear.  No anxiety.  Just do-it-ness.

All. The. Time.

Your courage always came with a side of comfort.  

Not far from your adventures would be your comfort companion- sometimes an elephant, sometimes a bear- a frog- a bunny- a mouse- but always the same name- LOVEY- and always the same effect- COMFORT.

LOVEY would help you through the falls, bumps, bruises- would give you just enough comfort to have the courage to try again.  It would comfort you most when you discovered your own limitations.  It would sit nearby as you tried that rock wall on the next trip and the next trip until you mastered it.  It would be there to celebrate when you had victories, too.  

Your courage, your confidence, your boldness, your acceptance at your limits, and your tenacity to push those limits are beautiful. 

In years to come I will always remember your lovey for the comfort and courage to try so many adventures.