Since February of 2014 we have had 7 speech therapists through AZEIP (early intervention), schools, in-home, and clinics.

Each of them has left a special mark on us!

Ms. Jenny helped us incorporate signs – “help, more, please” and she was the first of many to encourage me to make him work harder for what he wanted.  We were just so happy to have him express a desire that we jumped at the opportunity to fill his needs.  In doing so, we taught him that a grunt was enough to get water.  A whine was enough to get help with a chair.  “MOM!!!” Was all he needed to get another cracker.

His school therapists have worked tirelessly to build his vocabulary.  They recognized his strengths and capitalized on them by talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baby Bear, and Mater.  They encouraged him to use verbs and adjectives.  He will talk your ear off about what is big and what is small and who has hair and who doesn’t 😂

Ms. Akili came into our home as our first DDD (department of developmental disabilities) therapist.  She helped me to realize just how much he was capable of because I had a front row seat to every session!  I scoffed at her pressing him to match letters and say their sounds; my assumption was he had no idea about letters yet.  This wasn’t the first time he has proven me wrong.

And now, Ms. Apache is teaching him where words go and how to put them all together.
For three years he has seen one or two therapists a week.  

And today he said “guitar fragile” and it blew me away!  He knows the word FRAGILE!?!? Yep.  And don’t worry, B.  The guitar is fine 😉

Yesterday, in the middle of the night, he came to our room and asked “Can  I have more water, please?” And even though it was midnight, and I was exhausted, and I could barely see through sleepy eyes, I got up faster than usual to fulfill this request because if he knows asking in such a complete way works to get water then he will absolutely apply that to other situations!

We have come so far in such a short time!  He will keep working, we will keep on cheering, and if you get the chance, listen to what he has to say.  You won’t regret it!

​Just a few weeks back he told his teacher, “Ms. G, you not farting.”  So, you know, #speechwin 😂