When we started with ABA therapy, I was overwhelmed by the number of hours and goals that we were assigned.  I’ll show you his schedule calendar sometime, but in essence, it’s A TON!

We are assigned the max of 40 hours a week.  And in case that hasn’t set in- 40 hours- a full time job- for a 4 year old. 😳

With preschool and other therapies 40 isn’t possible, but we average 12-15 during the school year.  In those 12-15 hours his therapist works on 10 of nearly 30 goals.  

They range from number and alphabet identification, to following directions and proper word placement in statements or questions.

Today was a focus on directions day where Ms. Mariah helped him make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Obie is very into “I do it myself” task completion, so he enjoyed the sandwich making (and eating) but wasn’t happy about how much he needed help.  As she always does, Ms. Mariah made it fun and the two hours passed effortlessly.  

Fast forward to later in the evening and I started receiving a number of texts and pictures from B who was home with Obie, Beasty, and Bear while I accompanied Booger to a tball game.

Exhibit A:

You see, Mr. Independent thought that dinner wasn’t enough, and he decided to make himself a sandwich.

When the knife (no Obie’s were harmed in the making of this sandwich)  wasn’t doing the trick he put it back in the drawer πŸ™ˆ πŸ™Š and grabbed a spoon instead.

I can only imagine the pride he must have felt upon completion of this monumental task!

You guys, until October he was unsure how much pressure (he was light handed) to place on a paper to make a decent mark!  Now he’s making his own sandwiches?!?!

There are a ton of goals, and it’s hard when we are living in a cramped space, have so many people around, and so many schedules to juggle.  I will also note here that ABA has its critics and its cheerleaders.  For us, for now, we are just grateful to eat pb&j’s by Chef Obie.