The road to understanding has been paved with lots of punching 😂

These boys of mine (and one particularly Beasty girl) just love to “play” fight.  Playing teenage mutant ninja turtles is also top on the list.

I step in if (when) it gets out of hand.    It’s hard to catch all the brotherly and sisterly jabs, but I try.  

Sometimes the jabs are more covert, and come in the form of honest questions and reflections.  When Booger asks if we can go somewhere alone because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed, it stings.  But as much as it hurts, it is his perception, and one that I have to fight hard to educate him – that differences are within us all and we should only be so lucky to embrace them and recognize the worth in every human.

With much anticipation, Julia, the first autistic puppet joined Sesame Street, and her debut was today.  We were watching the national news and it was the final story, so I pulled Aeden away from his beloved screen and asked him to watch with us.  With wide-eyes, he looked at me and declared, “OH MY GOSH! It’s like Obie!”  The story quickly ended, and I asked if he wanted to watch the actual Sesame Street.  He declined and the moment passed, but the fact remains that this brother saw someone other than me talk about someone like his brother and a connection, pride, and recognition moment was experienced.  

My hope is that tomorrow, in a week, in a month, or in ten years the experience of growing up brothers will breed acceptance, compassion, and the recognition that we all have worth. I also hope for hugs, harmony, and love.  Something tells me the former will be accomplished well before the latter.