Did you know that some Autistic children have low muscle tone?

It can impact fine motor skills- – tasks like manipulating objects, puzzles, using scissors, or drawing with crayons can prove challenging.

But I only see the pudgy hands with the baby dimples.  And I want to focus on what these hands CAN do.

They can be used to give some amazing hugs! They wrap around my back and pat it like he has felt me do since he was itty.

They can build magnificent Obie-sized towers that toy spidermen jump from to rescue the townspeople below.

They are used to battle plants against zombies and zombies against plants in epic garden warfare battles ☺️

They draw, and color, and cut.  They create.  They craft.  

His hands and his little body crave independence and “I do it myself” is his mantra.  He regularly makes cakes with Greedy (God bless this woman who is able to surrender control for him to make memories).  He will go missing and we will find him in the bathroom brushing teeth, washing hands, and making perfect little messes in the process.  He insists on using those hands to dress himself, with socks and shoes, and is so proud of his accomplishments when he does it “ALL BY MYSELF!” 

He is learning to surrender to frustration when his hands betray him.  To ask for help when he has tried and learned that sometimes he “Not cannot do it.” Even in those moments I have so much to learn.  It’s okay to get frustrated; it’s okay to ask for help.  

Admitting that you alone simply cannot fix everything is exactly why God knew we needed a Savior.  God’s grace, Jesus’ perfect sacrifice, and Obie’s little finger poking sand- such beauty in every bit.